Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life Goes On...

Life seems like it has been screaming by lately, but I have not really done that much. I have not learned to handle life after school, so many of my nights have been spent sitting on the couch watching TV. It hasn't helped that I had a cold for about a week, and then Shannon caught the cold and has had it for almost a week now.

Last night a few of us hit Whiskies of the World. I think this will be my last year attending... not enough bourbons. I will just go to WhiskeyFest in October and get my fix there. Last night was fun though because after leaving WofW we all went over to Bourbon & Branch and had a few cocktails. Good times.

Shannon and I just figured out how to be out of debt (except for school loans) in under 2 years. We are excited because that means a baby is just a couple years away.

It's a beautiful lazy Sunday - so do something relaxing - read a book outside or something... I'm going to!

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sally said...

have you made Steve Burd aware of this entry? Might be worth a go.