Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bourbon Dinner Recap

Well as my last entry (3 weeks ago) states, Mr. Barnes & I did the Bourbon Dinner. It was a whole lot of fun. We were at the house of Teresa C. and her boyfriend, Ermes. As soon as we arrived we knew it was going to be challenging... the license plate of the Jag in their driveway was "6Y CHEF" (sexy chef). While, I wasn't the one doing the cooking, I know the pressure of cooking for another chef, so I felt Michael's pain. Their house was amazing (they live on the "Victorian court" between Blackhawk and Danville) and the kitchen was beautiful - plenty of workspace. We started the prep, and just as we were finishing Teresa's friends, Julie & Steve arrived. We were ready to start serving. We started off the evening with a taste of the bourbon of the night, Eagle Rare. We wanted them to get to know the flavors of the bourbon so they would be able to identify it in the food they were tasting. We then moved on to a cocktail - a Whiskey Sour with Eagle Rare. As we drank Michael ran through the menu:

Endive with Eagle Rare Cream Cheese,
Grape and Balsamic Reduction

Eagle Rare Onion Soup

Mixed Greens with Eagle Rare Vinigarette

Filet Mignon with Eagle Rare Soaked Bacon
Eagle Rare Fried Chicken Breast
Pork Medalion with Eagle Rare Peach Reduction

Blackberrys with Eagle Rare Whipped Cream
BlackBerry Infused Eagle Rare w/ Ginger Ale

Once the menu was presented, we got down to serving. Michael and I were working our tails off in the kitchen, but we knew it was all worth it as the plates were coming back completely empty. Once we finished dessert, we poured Eagle Rare 17yr (part of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection) and sat down with everyone and chatted for about an hour. We had a fantastic time, and would certainly enjoy doing it again. Enjoy the pictures below...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, looks way too good. Come cook a bourbon dinner for Ma and Pa!!!!! I go a feelin' you are going to be flooded with requests to cook. The menu and the food looks way too good to pass up!!!