Sunday, February 8, 2009

The busy have no time for tears - Lord Byron

Well - the next month is going to pretty busy - and while I'm definitely looking forward to most things, there is at least one thing  that not going be fun, plus being so busy is going to wear me out.

Here we go with the breakdown:

2/11: Greg Dulli show in SF
2/13: Shannon and I are seeing Wicked in SF
2/14: Get up early and drive to SLO for Brooke's wedding
2/21: Cake show in Oakland
2/22: Far show in SF
3/7: My "Kevin's Finished with School" Party

In addition to the scheduled events above, I have the following things going on as well:
  • 2 weeks of school left that will be fairly tough
  • Work is insane right now so I'll be going in early and working late
  • My Grandma is about to pass away - so trips to Manteca & a trip to Portland are probably going to happen
  • Planning my "Kevin is Finished with School" Party
  • Scheduling and planning a Bourbon Dinner we auctioned off for the SCM poker tournament
Just waiting for it all to be over so I can relax...

1 comment:

Charlie said...

you forgot "getting up at 430 to drive charlie and tyler to san jose" yessss!!!!